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who we are

With over ten years of experience and an undying passion for making quality ideas come to life, Fine Wood Finishes specialize in  restoring all types of wood finishing.


Wood finishing is a timeless, true art form that takes serious knowledge and expertise to make it work. The right finish brings out the beautiful, natural appeal of any type of wood, no matter if it is recyclable reclaimed wood or new, untouched piece. At Fine Wood Finishes, we know the value of an expertly finished wood, and what that wood finish can do for a kitchen, living room, dining room or any other room of the house. We strive to provide you with only the best of the best when it comes to wood finishing, and we do that for you in a number of unique ways.

Fine Wood Finishes implements the use of dazzling finishes that can add the perfect touch to any selection of wood. We are able to turn any wood surface into something that will be cherished for a lifetime to come  we can install hard wood floors seamlessly into your home for a dazzling look and feel. Not only do we provide wood finishes for striking hardwood floors in any room of your house, we can also finish wood for banisters, staircases, lofts, front doors, archways, garage doors and so much more.  We can customize any wood finish to suite your unique taste, down to the very last detail by using the Finest Wood Finishing products available.

We strive to provide you with Wood and Finishes that perfectly suits your tastes. Our services include hardwood installation and refinishing, dazzling French Polish and general Mill Work. We also are skilled in the art of restoring old, beautiful wooden flooring back to its original state, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investments. Antiques can also be restored, and we will provide them with the perfect amount of detailing and care to ensure that each piece still retains that antique look while boasting a high-quality appearance. 

Our company specializes in all-wood surface finishing using both brand new or reclaimed wood, whichever you prefer. By putting the wood through a unique process of chemical finishing, we ensure that every natural grain of the wood is brought to life and every other detail of your wooden selection is perfectly preserved.

Fine Wood Finishes has over a decade of experience in the Wood Finishing and Restoration Industry, and we are confident in our ability to provide you with excellent service that meets or exceed your expectations each and every time. Give Fine Wood Finishes a call today for Free Estimate 203-559-6506

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